12 Baskets: American dishes featuring sourdough bread at new restaurant in Zhubei

Clam chowder bread bowl, taco salad (Texas tacos), BBQ pork with homemade BBQ sauce, and chicken pesto / tuna melt sandwiches made with homemade sourdough (white and whole wheat) are some of the dishes offered at this brand new restaurant, “12 Baskets.” Opened by my husband and two friends of ours. Come check it out!


I just got back from San Francisco two weeks ago. That clam chowder sourdough bowl is calling my name :drooling_face:

Closed Sundays. Pity. Here’s the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/12BasketsDiner/

The clam chowder is inspired by San Francisco’s Pier 39!

Thanks for posting the FB page. Unfortunately, none of the staff is free on Sundays. By the way, any order 1000 or over can be delivered for free (in Zhubei).

Now open on Sundays (starting tomorrow) from 3pm to 9pm, by popular demand!

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Dang, I’m out of town this weekend and next. I really want to try the soup bowl.

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How do you just advertise and invite people with only some words and a picture and not even a name in the title? How about location information?

Also have to make own food or clean own tables?

Let me try to help. Is this it? Looks like it is or was previously a Subway sandwich shop?

12 Baskets Bakery & Diner - 12籃
No. 177號, Section 1, Wenxing Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, 302
03 550 9730


Heh thanks, guess it looks like yall are way ahead of me.
No, you don’t have to make your own food -it’s prepared for you. There is a large trash can and a place for customers to put away trays.
Yep it was previously a Subway. Thanks for posting the GMaps link, it was just recently updated. I can’t emphasize enough that, unlike Subway, the place is small and local, not a big, busy franchise. That’s partially intentional by the owners, and partially because it’s so new. We all hope that it won’t lose that feel.

Is this establishment where Subway was at?

Yes, it’s at the same location that Subway used to be at.

I see now where some of the confusion is coming from… some of the info on Google Maps is still not updated. Working on that now!

You mean, like, all those smelly, belching sea lions? :thinking:


Went last night, the sourdough bread is great. My two cats approve. They kept trying to sneak a bite.


Do you have cinnamon rolls? Like really rich ones, not the stuff that doesn’t deserve the name.

Haha! Thanks that’s awesome :slight_smile:

New update - they can’t keep opening on Sundays, until they find another employee that can work that whole day. My apologies!

Just now asked - they said they’d like to make real cinnamon rolls, but one issue is that a lot of Taiwanese don’t like cinnamon. (this might be a good introduction to it though…)

from the little chat I’ve had, the fact that most Taiwanese prefer airy bread made from artificial leavening agents (often containing aluminum) rather than real yeast is also a challenge for them.


@hansioux The flavor and texture of natural yeast used in our long-fermented sourdough bread is, for many locals, new and unusual. From what we’ve seen though, almost everyone who’s trying the bread for the first time has surprised themselves by liking it! and many folks end up buying a loaf of bread to bring home.

I apologize for the continued wrong information on our Google Maps link. We’ve been laboring at it for months now, but unfortunately Google has been super unresponsive to update the changes. I think right now the restaurant doesn’t even show up on the map, unless you search for the name. If anyone has suggestions on how to deal with this, please let us know!

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Google Maps states permanently closed.