HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

I’m getting this a lot today here at work, and am unable to open a number of threads. Is anyone else getting this problem?

EDIT: I cannot open ANY threads by clicking on links in the right-hand 24 list, but I can individually navigate to the relevant fora and open the same threads that way. Weird.

Same thing the next day. I have no problem opening links from the 24 list on my computers at home and at another office, but can’t do it here. Everything was fine last week, and now this sudden change.

I also cannot open any thread from the results of a search. This will severely impair my ability to do thread management, e.g. in the WCIF…? forum where merges of noob questions with old threads are routinely needed.

The problem specifically appears to be the thread title links, but only those which result from any search (by key word, author or either the left or right 24 hr link); however, the page numbers of those same threads (once a thread reaches 2 pp.) work fine as links, as do the thread titles from within a forum.

I am using IE vsn. 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp (sp2). I can replicate the problem on Taiwan Ho!, so I assume the problem is my corporate firewall or something like that.

Any ideas from the tech gods? :help:

I had much the same issue from my home computer using IE, but strangely no issue at work on the same platform. I started using Mozilla at home and now it’s not a problem.

This morning I started having problems with IE on my work machine and switched to Opera. Problem free now.


Thanks for the tip, but here at work (at a rigid corporate giant) they don’t let us install our own software like alternate browsers, etc., so it’s important I find a solution while still using IE.

I can’t seem to replicate the error, but I will try from another computer. I’ll also go through the phpbb forums and see if the error has been reported there then post my findings.

Getting 500 on this thread, towards the end of it.


Not seeing it, still happening?

Keep getting a 500 error when trying to bookmark a topic:

me too

Open this:

I get 500 every time

Have you bookmarked the topic? I also get 500s when trying to open a thread I have bookmarked previously…


Yes! After deleting the bookmark it works => bookmarks

@tempogain Try visiting any bookmarked thread!

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I don’t, did you identify which http call fails in your browser console on the network tab?

Any calls that load data of bookmarked post, either the whole thread when the bookmarked post is in the beginning or when scrolling and the bookmarked post is dynamically loaded with ajax.


Hmm this does seem to be a problem. Thanks