Hualien Happy Hour?

After reading several posts in the past little while from people looking to connect with others or wanting to know what there is to do here, it occurred to me that it may be the time to start a Hualien Happy Hour.

Any East coasters interested? I’d be glad to set something up here for June.

Pixie - you’re in Hualien, aren’t you?
Anyone else?

We could start by maybe gathering for a meal one evening at an outdoor restaurant/pub such as the Aboriginal place at the Beibing park or maybe do a night market crawl… whatever people want to do…


That would be cool! :bravo: And you’re only three hours away from Taipei - if it were on a Saturday night, I might take the train out there, and stay at the club house… :rainbow:

I am in!

Shall I bring my kids for the happy hour? lol.

Well, the one year old is truely an angel… The 7 year old might have been lost somewhere in the Untied States as we traveled to Taiwan last June… No worries, though. We will find him soon, I hope.

I’m interested!

I would be game as well…

Hopefully I can borrow a student’s scooter for the night and get instructions on how to get wherever it is we would meet.

Okay, let’s do it! First Forumosa Hualien Happy Hour will be on Saturday, June 18th if that works for most people. I’m up for suggestions as to what you would like to do. Post your thoughts here and I can make arrangements as needed.

Some ideas might be:

  • dinner at Enigma (resturant/pub style place)
  • bbq on a beach (which beach?)
  • just drinks somewhere
  • raid on Starbucks
  • food nightmarket crawl (Nanbing or Tze Chang)
  • add whatever you can think of

Cut off for final suggestions will be Saturday, June 11th

Final decision will be posted by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 14th with location, time and directions.

ALL Forumosans are invited to our first Happy Hour here in Hualien! :slight_smile:

I’m in! Sounds like fun :slight_smile:

Great job folks…ad I like how it’s on a Saturday.

Any places to scuba dive or snorkel close to Hualien City? I may just make a trip later on this summer.

My only request is to make the starting time relatively early in the night. I’m staying on Campus at Tzu Chi and they have a curfew at midnight.

It sucks.

I like the night market idea.

[quote]- dinner at Enigma (resturant/pub style place)

  • bbq on a beach (which beach?)

Both sound great! Beach seems like more fun but probably requires more preparation too.

Well, forumosa is finally working again. Will the Happy Hour still happen?

Yes! Happy Hour is happening here in Hualien but what with not being able to get in contact with anyone I am wondering if tomorow night is too late for people to plan to come?

The thought is: Enigma at 7:00 p.m. for dinner and those who would like to stay on later would be able to do so. There should be live music later, a pool table is available for those who would like to shoot a game or two and if it isn’t raining the patio is quite nice. Meals tend to range in the 150 - 250 Nt area and the menu is in English.

Location: Enigma is on the Coast Road just across from the Hualien Port. You’ll see two outdoors type places side by side. One is a patio type place and the other is a more tropical tree filled place. Enigma is the one with the large patio on the left.

Because of the time constraints it would be appreciated if you could post whether tomorrow (the 18th) is good for you or if you would rather get together on Saturday the 25th at the same time and location. Please let me know by 1:00 p.m. and I’ll be online with the final results of the big WHEN questions by 2:00 p.m.

Thanks for your patience regarding the lateness of the final arrangements but it just couldn’t be helped! PM your phone number to me if you can’t check back after 2:00 and I’ll give you a call A.S.A.P.!

tomorrow night seems to work better for me as i might try to see if my husband feel like go to the forumosa family camping trip next weekend…

thanks so much for organizing everything! :bravo:

Oh, wow! I’m in Tainan this weekend, so that rules me out. Thank you for organizing the event. Let me know when the next one is!!!

Tonight it is, then! :slight_smile:

7:00 at Enigma. We’re most likely a small group so I have not made reservations. If you know of any Forumosans, please tell them . See you tonight!

wha’happened?, sorry we won’t see you tonight but I’ll be sure to post the next one well ahead!