Hualien sightseeing / nightlife


I am living in Taipei and haven’t been lately in hualien region. I was wondering what kind of cheap (around 1000nt$) accommodations in the city or on a proximity to taroko gorge. Me and my friend are planning to visit the area next week. Also, is there anything happening in the city on wednesday evening or is it completely deserted aka we could just stay closer to taroko gorge.



Just a bump here to see if anyone has any info…

Hualien in general has evening life in the form of nightmarkets and such, but not much night life. Down the road towards the beach there are a bunch of bars which can get lively-ish on a Friday or Saturday when the weather is good, but on a winter Wednesday they would be pretty slow, I reckon.

Doubtless there are some spicy KTV’s if you know where to go but you’d need a crew for that.

If you want natural beauty AND nightlife, I only know one place in Taiwan: Kenting. And even there the nightlife is a tad limp.