Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2020 - Finding Friends

Hi everyone! My name is Grace, I’m 25 and have just recieved my admission letter from NTU (CLD) to begin in Fall 2020. I’m still waiting to hear back if I am accepted for Huyau Enrichement Scholarship from my local Taiei Representaive Office. I’m looking for anyone else who will be in Taipei around this time who may want to team up for searching for apartments / hang out in Taipei? I’m hoping to move there a month earlier to get to know Taiwan.


Hello Grace! My name is Catherine and I am interested to apply for the HES for this fall. However I havent applied for any Uni yet. Do you mind to share your reasons to choose NTU of all the other unis? Thanks :joy:

Hi Cat! I applied to three Universities for Mandarin courses: NTU (CLD), NCCU, and NTNU. I chose these three becase they are all based in Taipei, which is where I would like to live when I complete the course. I’m a complete beginner of Mandarin, and it didn’t really matter to me so much as I’ve heard beginners classes is similar in many Mandarin schools in the big cities. I like NTU specifically because of a) its reputation as a very good university in Asia, 2) the small class sizes, (around 5-7 people), 3) good reviews from people who studied there as beginners and 4) the sports centre on campus (I like to swim :slight_smile: ). There are some good threads on this forum comparing different schools - I think a big factor is what your current level of Mandarin is. People who are have studied it a bit already tend to be more selective. Are you also a beginner?

You applied for these 3 schools and have they all admitted you as a student? I am not really familiar with the requirements here. I thought we can only apply for 1 school. I am also a beginner, I have taken HSK2 before, but I think Taiwan-HSK has a different difficulties with China-HSK. Where do you live right now?

I was admitted to NTU and have not yet heard back from the other two. As far as I’m aware you can apply to as many as you like, or just one. I just applied to more than one to increase my chance of getting admitted by one. The process is that you apply to the school first, and then apply for the HES scholarship. On the scholarship application it will ask you where you are applying to. I have not yet sent away my application for scholarship (HES), because I’m waiting on one document, but I will say on my applcation that I am accepted to NTU. But you can just say you have applied to a school(s) but you have not yet heard back. There are plenty of information on the process on the website of your country’s Taipei Representative Office… I live in Belgium :slight_smile:

I got the Huayu Scholarship and actually just came back 2 months ago from the CLD at NTU, I did the Fall 2019 term.

It is a great experience, you will have fun and have many chances to make friends.
The school is really well organised and they will help you with everything you need. The staff are really nice and so are the teachers.

The class are of 6-7 people and the average age is about 23, although there also a few people in their 30’s and 40’s.

The university is huge, and the facilities/grounds are lovely.

Only thing is finding decent housing below $15k/month is not easy, so leave sufficient time :wink:

Hi @brap thank you for the info! Really great to hear that you had a positive experience there at CLD.

Would you mind me asking a few more questions about your time there?

  • how did your Mandarin improve relative to your expectation?
  • how did you find the decent accomodation? I’m thinking to come a few weeks earlier to go apartment viewing ect. (15K is ok for me, same as what I already have to pay :upside_down_face:)
  • did you have much time to go exploring Taiwan / travel abroad?
  • what were the downsides of your experience?
  • would you recommend to bring anything in particular? :slight_smile:

Sorry so many questions, I know there are similar threads but seeing as you just got back, your information is more useful and up to date!

  • how did your Mandarin improve relative to your expectation?

My reading and writing improved a lot, listening and speaking also improved, but a little bit less than I initially hoped, to be honest. Also there is a lot of focus on grammar.

  • how did you find the decent accomodation? I’m thinking to come a few weeks earlier to go apartment viewing ect. (15K is ok for me, same as what I already have to pay :upside_down_face:)

I found mine on facebook, it wasn’t easy, the housing is not expensive but its really low quality, so finding something acceptable wasn’t easy for most people, some do get lucky, but its rare.

Another option is get an Airbnb with good reviews if you are only staying 3-4 months, but the good ones are booked out months in advance, and this will also cost you more. In my opinion if you can afford the extra cost, do it.

  • did you have much time to go exploring Taiwan / travel abroad?

Not really! you will be more busy than you expect.
Although class is only 3hrs a day, if you want to improve and get good grades on the tests, you’ll probably be studying another 3hrs on top of that, and theres so much to do in Taipei, that you wont have much extra free time.
I suggest you do most of your travel before or after the term.

  • what were the downsides of your experience?

None really, other than finding suitable accomodation,

  • would you recommend to bring anything in particular?

No, you can get everything in TW :taiwan:

@brap, thank you so much for your informative reply, really appreciate it :slight_smile: I will spend extra time on accomodation searching. Older posts on Formosa/Tealit regarding coming to Taipei for HES seem to be outdated by saying that accomodation is both cheap and easy to find. As someone who just got back, I’d trust you more! I’ll go out a few weeks in advance.
Do you mind telling me what textbook you used? Thanks again

Easy to find find places for rent maybe, but that doesn’t mean you’ll like them :wink:
Most of us struggled, and had to extend our Airbnb’s or hostels in order to keep searching.

On average you’ll need 2/3 weeks, but of course that doesn’t have to be 2/3 weeks before the course, nothing stops you from viewing places once the course has started.

NTU uses the Practical Audio Visual textbook, other schools use different ones.