Huayu Reference Letters and Study Plan

Hi all,

I am going to apply for Huayu Scholarship this year (2021-2022). However, I am a bit concerned about two reference letters and a study plan.

  • For reference letters, I am going to ask dean of my university and also my previous manager (instead of my current boss - how sure it will work). However, I have no idea what should I include or mention in these letters.
  • For study plan, what are the main points should I cover? I am thinking to say that I will study hard, stay in library to study more, learn more about Taiwan culture and custom, and also think to volunteer for either school or somewhere (not sure it is allowed as the scholarship doesn’t allow to work). Also, someone mentioned that I have to explain how this scholarship will benefit Taiwan, or something like this. But, I am not quite sure how to write these things.

For the past Huayu’s students, what were the points you covered in your application.
Many thanks!

I think your dean and previous boss should handle this.

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Is this a new requirement? I don’t remember needing any references 5 years ago.

As for study plan I just put some bs they want to hear.

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Hey, I’m planning to apply to the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship too!

I currently work in higher education so I can confidently tell you not to worry about the references - it will be written by your appointed referees and it’s part of their job description (as a manager and academic). It is encouraged to contact your referees in advance to inform them that you intend to apply to the scholarship and politely enquire whether they will allow you to nominate them as a reference.

In terms of a study plan, you can look this up on the internet.There are some great resources out there. I did a quick Google search and this helpful webpage came up:

This YouTube video also popped up:

Hoped this helped and good luck on your application!

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