HUAYU Scholarship 2017

I can’t find any forums related to this, it’d be nice to see how everyone else does in their applications!

I’m from the UK and it’s my first time to apply, has anyone been granted the scholarship before?

I want to go to the NTNU language school
Good luck!

Has your Taipei Representative Office contacted you for an interview, yet?
Mine hasn’t, but I guess it’s due to Holidays?
I’m applying in Greece by the way.

They haven’t contacted me yet but from reading about last year I guess it’ll be later this month!
Good luck man I hope you get it, I’m not sure what the success rate is for this so I’m cautiously optimistic

Yes, they haven’t contacted me either.
Thank you, I hope the same for you, too!
Me neither, but I live in a much smaller country than the UK, so the success rate is probably higher here due to less applicants. Of course this is all guessing.
By the way, do you know if we can change our minds about the language school? :S

I think bigger countries would get more money for the scholarship I’m sure!

I think you can yeah, which school do you want to go?

I’m pretty sure they get more money than smaller countries, too. It’s just that there aren’t many Mandarin learners here and it’s also extremely hard to find out about the scholarship. That is why I believe the success rate is higher.

I wanted to go to CLD in NTU, but I don’t know, I already live in a big city and I’ve been contemplating going to a smaller place like Tainan or Kaohsiung. I’ve also heard that people in Taipei insist on speaking English and that is something I don’t really want to. My oral skills are really lacking compared to reading, writing, etc and that’s my reason for wanting to go to Taiwan in the first place; to improve my speaking :confused: