Huayu Scholarship Notification [2021-2022]

Hi everyone,

I applied to the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship this last winter and I just had an interview this last week with my local TECO which went decent, not spectacular but also not bad.

Those of you who have experience in this process, when could I possibly expect a notification status from my TECO?

Do they also do any further interviews or how does the selection process play out after these interviews?

Thank you!

where is your tecro?

Mine is in Houston.

idk washington dc tecro doesnt do interviews.

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I guess each office has its own selection process. When does your office send out selection notifications??

I called DC and they said some time in may. who knows though. Chicago said end of april. everyone differs. I would call them. Also help me out. what did they ask you in your interview?

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Houston is probably leaning towards May at this rate! My interview was rather short, about 10 minutes. I had two interviewers and they asked me why I wanted to study in Taiwan and they also tested my Chinese a bit. Basically simple questions like "你有中文名字嗎?”, “你今年幾歲?” ,and a few other Taiwan related ones. I did okay, just didn’t understand maybe 2 more complicated ones. It went by fast.

wow thats crazy. I would be fucked. i have such bad chinese skill.

I just received a notification from TECO Houston and I have been awarded the scholarship! Best of luck to anyone else currently waiting.

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Congratulations @Relax!
Has anyone received any notification from the Washington DC TECRO?

nope :slight_smile: put me out of my misery dc tecro do it fast

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