Huey Deng High School


Hello all,

I did a search but couldn’t find any postings. Does anyone have any experience teaching for Huey Deng High School in Yilan?


Never even heard of this school before, so don’t know a thing about it. Do you have any info on it? Do they hire foreign teachers? If so, can they only teach English? Do they have a bilingual or international program? Anyway, you can also check out this post about private schools in Taiwan. There isn’t any info on Huey Deng, but you can post about it and perhaps someone will reply in the future.


Sorry for the late reply. I don’t have the answer to any of those questions. There was an ad on facebook saying they were hiring English teachers but I can’t find any other English info. I haven’t decided if I want to apply or not. It’s kind of a crap shoot without any info.


Sorry for the very late reply. I am an American Social Studies teacher at Huey Deng. It’s a very prestigious private junior high and high school located on a beautiful campus in the mountains between Yilan City and Jiaoxi, about a 15 min drive from Yilan City. I have a coworker from The Czeck Republic, three other Americans who teach writing and Social Studies, and a coworker from the Philippines who is another writing teacher. A Polish German expat teaches German part-time.They needed a listening teacher for the lower levels to replace an American teacher who retired. They found another American to replace him, he commutes everyday from New Taipei City.

I can’t complain, I love my job.I have been working in Taiwan ten years and the first five I was basically a slave at a kindy for my APRC. At HD I feel like I am using my MA and am treated like a professional. My managers are progressive, inclusive and give us a lot of freedom to create our curriculum.