Hukou marriage text after naturalisation?

Currently, my wife’s Hukou says that she “married [my name] who is a British national on [date]”. After I naturalise and switch to a NWOHR passport, will they change the entry on her Hukou to say she married a Taiwan national, or will they add afterwords that her husband naturalised. The reason I ask is, when I naturalise and temporarily give up my British citizenship, I won’t be a British citizen, therefore her Hukou will be wrong as she won’t be married to a British citizen. I am thinking this might cause problems when I apply for my TARC based on my marriage to a Taiwanese national with Hukou. I know that the Household Registration people absolutely hate to change any of the ‘notes’ text at the bottom of the HRC.

Don’t you have to give up the Taiwanese citizenship when you get the British one back?


Naturalised citizen here.

I just checked my hukou and the note about my spouse being married to an Australian is still there :slight_smile: There were no issues though, my spouse’s name still appeared on the 身份證 no issues when the time came to register for that. There’s no need to add an additional note under your wife’s name since you’ll have your own entry on the hukou and be actually marked as spouses in the system proper.

Also, as part of the naturalisation process you will have to surrender your past ARC. However, prior to this happening you will end up with nice official naturalisation documents that have your old ARC ID number on it. I have successfully used these to convince various banks and bureaucracies that I am indeed the same person despite having a new ID number.


Nope. Taiwanese dont have to give up. If you can get your old country back, it’s perfectly legal.

I just dont wanna waste four years renaturalising two countries.


Did your Taiwan NWOHR passport list your previous foreign passport name as an ‘Also Known As’ alias under your Chinese name?

Iirc, naturalized national can keep their original English (alphabet) name.

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(NB: was not a NWOHR long enough to get a passport, but assume it will be the same process as NWHR passports)

Yes, my name on my Taiwanese passport matches that of my other passport. I felt that was important, so it’s possible to have both passports match the name on a flight ticket.

I also added the pinyin romanisation of my Chinese name under “Also Known As”. This is not required, but since the passport is effectively the only document where you get the romanisation of your Chinese name, I thought that would come in handy somewhere.

When applying I had to provide my foreign passport and naturalisation documents, and it did require some ‘back room’ checking for 20minutes, but aside from the time taken it was a smooth process.

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I am in process of applying for TARC. There are three fields in the application form for names, which I am sure will carry over to the Taiwanese passport as well :

  1. 姓名
  2. 英文姓名
  3. 原名(別名)

The first one is obviously my Chinese name. I am confused about the last two items. Where should I put my pinyin name, and where to put the original English name that I have had in all my previous ARCs ?


Hi. You put your original English name in 英文姓名. Not sure about the pinyin name thou, when I filled out this application, my HHR didn’t ask me to fill my pinyin name. As for the 原名(別名), I don’t think you have to fill this out unless you have an alias name or AKA.


Thanks, I will do that.

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