Human Rights Survey

A foreign friend is doing some research and I would like to help her out. She is not on this forum, afaik, so your comments or criticisms about the survey will probably not be responded to. You can leave the fields you don’t feel comfortable with blank or, in the case of the name field, just type in “anonymous”. Tks!

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How many questions are there in all?

Don’t know. It’s about two pages long.

OK. That kind of info should be readily visible on the website. Nothing worse than agreeing to take a survey, only to find pages later that there’s no end in sight.

You’re right, I recall thinking the same thing when I clicked “next”, lol.

Correction; there are 4 pages. And I have some issues with some of the questions.

I’d like to help, but… There should be more choices. And the permitted responses to question 12 are not particularly useful.

Ok, my mistake. I just remember that I didn’t find it particularly long.

I did, too. Those are generally the ones I left blank.

No problem. Thanks anyway. :wink:

It’s not a very well thought-out survey. I got half-way through, got fed up with the way the questions and available answers were worded and left the survey. Sorry.

I quit answering because it was making me want to waterboard somebody.
Seems ill-concieved, poorly worded, poorly thought-out and the background was puke green.
Fail. Go to the bottom of the class, stand in the corner and THINK about what you’ve done. :wink:

Yeah, agreed. Just that after the other survey that went up a while ago and the seeming debacle of the TIWA meeting that I read about, I thought I’d put this one up since I know that, although perhaps young and whatnot, the person behind it is motivated to try and make a difference for all of us in a positive way. Anyway, thanks all. :wink:

I did it. No so bad, given I was prewarned. At least someone is trying. That is more than I can say for myself.