Human Trafficking and Illegal Immigration into Taiwan

Taiwan appears to rank very high on combatting human trafficking.

Some news reports below.

Also noticed this very interesting comment from a separate source “Many ships remain at sea for years at a time, selectively disabling their transponders and stopping at “refrigeration mother ships” or remote, uninhabited islands to resupply, transfer victims to other ships”

People that illegally coordinate their own illegal trips to other countries are kind of a different category and may not be fully covered under human trafficking.

Hong Kong people are sneaking into Taiwan. Over 200 recently.

Another good reason to get the weight under control.

“However, one of the detainees was apparently unable to escape from the room due to being too overweight to fit through the narrow window.” :rofl:

Thirty-one stowaways caught, 6 escape, 1 too fat to escape

Congratulations with strong reservations. :neutral_face:

Specifically, “insufficient staffing and inspections have continued to impede efforts to combat forced labor on Taiwan-flagged and -owned fishing vessels in the highly vulnerable distant water fleet,” the report said.

Migrant domestic caregivers also “remained at a higher risk of exploitation in the absence of specific legislation ensuring their labor rights,” it said.

  • successfully intercepted… 7 females and 23 males were seized in the cabin.
  • the body temperature of the passengers was measured.
  • In order to return to Taiwan to work and pay 10,000 US dollars… took the risk of smuggling.
  • 30 Vietnamese stowaways were taken to the Immigration Department for asylum.

that’s 23 less pho cantinas on the island. :slightly_frowning_face:

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23 fewer, and do you think that’s what they all come for?


some of them came with some humor, others left theirs at Taoyuan Airport immigration.

Hopefully they aren’t coming with Covid-19.