Human Transporters


So how common do you guys think those Human Transporter things will be when the prices go down? Not that I plan on using one, I just can imagine tens of thousands of people zipping around the city with them.


Hee Hee! At first I thought you were talking about people carriers – like those mini-van-type things, so I’m thinking “what’s he talking about?”

Then I realized you’re referring to those Segwaythings.

The Boston police are using them on the beat, I believe. Must be a sight to see.


I think they’ll just make people lazier than they already are. What’s wrong with our two legs these days?
Well, at least with these early models people have to stand up, but they may come out with seated versions later on. I can balance fine on my computer chair, and it spins around with the motion of my body…


The Atlanta police just got some, too. These models apparently have a turbo boost mode that takes them up to 15 mph. But how will they work off all the donuts now?


The personal injury lawyers are gonna love this…
I can’t imagine how people will feel with one of these things coming at them down the sidewalk at 10 mph. I’d freak. Shrinks would have to come up with some new term like, Post-Traumatic Human Transporter Reflex Stress Disorder or Seguayphobia. Can these machines really stop on a dime?


I’m waiting for July, when we will be able to purchase 500cc Segways. I’m sick of these little battery-powered models.

I also can’t wait to see what kind of names the Taiwanese distributor comes up for these things. I imagine it will be something like “joy! for you active leg!”


I bet at full speed they can’t. But they don’t hurt when they run into you, I have heard. The handle bars get pused back or something and you stop. And they don’t hurt when they run over feet either.