Hummus-- buying, making

Haven’t had any hummus in a long time. Do you know where I can buy some in the Taipei area?


mr. paco’s mediterranean
mykanos greek restaurant…

you could always make some yourself (i do)
buy chick peas at welcome shi ta road, nitti’s on shi ta, mami’s on shita road…etc.

hummus recipe (without tahini, therefore low in fat)
drain and mash up a can of chick peas
(reserve 1 tbsp of liquid to add to paste later)
add crushed garlic to taste
2 tbsp olive oil
red pepper powder if you like spicey
squeeze one lemon
and a bit of corriander
refrigerate for one hour and serve

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Hey, thanks for the hummus recipe! No-one makes it spicy enough for me.

Now, does anyone know where to buy taboule or couscous?

That’s nice, but tahini is available everywhere in Taiwan - just ask for “zhimajiang” (zhi1ma2jiang4).


Couscous - Tienmu - any of the western stocked shops

Speaking of hummus, how about a place to buy the fallafel mix. I tried to make it homemade from chick peas but its not as good or as tasty as the powdered mixes that you just add water to.


My apologies if this is in the wrong location.

I’ve heard that hummus is available at Mykonos (the Greek restaurant on Lishu Jie), and I’ve sampled the hummus at Citizen Cain (and it was good).

However, I would like to try my hand at making my own hummus. I have searched for recipes via Google and have found several. It seems as if hummus might not be that difficult to make at home.

The ingredients I

Garbanzo beans (chick peas) can be found in any Wellcome store - yellow can. I believe I’ve seen tahini in Breeze centre.

Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) are available canned at Florida bakery, and they have good dry ones in the organic food store in the basement of the Dunhua S. Rd. Eslite store. Some Wellcomes also have canned and dry ones.

The tahini can be replaced with crushed cumin seeds or sesame seeds.

Thanks to all.

I saw some tahini at my local organic vegetarian restaurant. 75Nt for 240g.

Address is Yanping S Rd #177, but I expect you can find it in other organic stores too. Also, might be cheaper at the source in Zhong He.


I bought some sesame paste at a Chinese supermarket in the UK once. I can’t remember whether it was made from toasted sesame seeds. Tahini is made from untoasted ones.
Even if you can only get the toasted variety, that could still be nice.
Zhima is sesame; I think that zhimajiang is correct for the kind of thing you’re looking for but I can’t remember. People might get confused and think you were looking for toasted sesame oil, though.

After seeing that Tahini, I thought I migght make some Middle-Eastern food. I got some recipes for hummus, baba ganouj, tabouli, and falafel. What do you call that cucumber dip then? I like that too.

Also, anyone find real Pita bread? Do Mami have it?

If I just get a yoghurt kit and make some yoghurt, is that going to be the good, or do I need something else?


Jason’s in 101 has New Zealand organic plain unsweetened yoghurt and organic unsweetened/unsalted tahini, peanut butter, hazelnut butter. Not cheap.

Tahini is easily located at many Welcomes(259NT) and health food stores.

I don’t know why you want to eat humus, but if geophagy is your thing, then go for it. I think there is a good selection of soils at your local nursery. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tahini is basically sesame paste and lemon juice, so it is not necessary to have it as long as you have the tow afore mentioned ingredients. Both can be found at Welcome. Recipes for hummus can vary, but yes, the basic ingredients are chick peas, sesame paste (or sauce), lemon juice and garlic. Several other ingredients can be added to make your hummus “te bie”. Our recipe at Citizen Cain, for example, includes no less than 14 ingedients. It also possible to use black beans instead of chick peas (garbanzo beans). The only thing stopping anybody frommaking good hummus is a decent food processor. Good luck!

Isn’t the standard sesame paste you can buy here darker than the light coloured tahini?