Humza Yousaf elected leader in Scotland

A new leader and young man. We will see what does on the leave issue

Not really a surprise. He’s been groomed for that position for some time.

And he’s fully on-board with the net-zero cult.

Expect Scotland to slide steadily into bug-eyed ideological chaos as he carries on the work started by Sturgeon.


It’s cool when a visible minority member holds top office in a white country.

In what sense is he a “minority”? He’s Scottish. He lives in Scotland. Perhaps you mean the well-connected elite?

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His race obviously. Unless you are trying to argue that he’s white?

Well, look, if you saw me in the street you might judge me to be from somewhere within a 500-mile radius of Dubai. I’m not. I’m not sure if I have a “race” as such, but I’m British, dammit, which is why I get so very upset about Britain going swwooosh down the toilet of late. Humza Yousaf was born in Glasgow, he sounds like a posh Rab C Nesbitt, and I have no reason to believe that in private he punctuates his sentences with “ooh blimey” and does random Indian head-bobs just because he’s brown.

Honestly, I thought we’d left the 70s behind. How about we judge public officials on their character, achievements, and demeanour rather than their “race”?


I never said he would sound like an Indian, but he is a POC and POC are marginalised in Western countries. POC representation in politics is always positive.

We can acknowledge that POC representation is good and also judge them on their actions.

I’d be really pissed off if someone gave me a job, or patted me on the back, simply because I’m a “POC”. However I can’t help wondering if he’s been shuffled into this position precisely because a certain demographic will coo and fawn and say, ooh, isn’t it wonderful that he’s brown … and will overlook the fact that he’s almost certainly a tool who’s isn’t smart enough to realise he’s furthering someone else’s agenda.

It’s a positive if they’re a decent person. If they’re a cnut, then it isn’t.

That’s not the point at all.

The wider issue of racial representation and the individual characteristics/competence are two different topics.

Well, yes. And one is considerably more important than the other. He could be a albino lesbian of Moldovan ancestry for all I care; I’m sure they’re in a minority too and would like to be “represented”. The reality is that politicans don’t represent anybody except themselves, so the best that we can hope for is that they’re vaguely competent and not assholes.

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