Hungry Boy 7Eleven Blog


I am a big fan of Taipei’s 24 hour conveniance store culture.

I’ve started a blog reviewing it’s many food offerings…


Good idea! Should be popular!

Every single convenience store and 7-Eleven is slightly different and has slightly different options. Some are larger and some are smaller. Some comedian at table and chairs and some cannot.

Oh and don’t forget Family Mart!

The name sounds like you only care about 7-Eleven and other people may not care about 7-Eleven especially Family Mart. Be all inclusive.


Needs to be more humorous…


I like the tone of this fresh, young, blog, but the lime green background and font is less than innocuous.


Maybe you could add calorie and nutrition information.
Even better, if you could mention whether it is in the MyFitnessPal database.
Best of all if you can add that nutrition info to MyFitnessPal and then indicate in your post that you added it there and what name you used.

Below is a video of a Wordpress Plugin that allows you to easily add nutrition info to a post and then generate a standard nutrition label from that

Maybe Blogspot offers something similar?

Please post more photos / different angles of the food.


Damn you! Why did you stop? That was brilliant.