Hydroponic Gardening Supplies

I am getting interested in hydroponic gardening. I need something to kill time. I have some herb and veg growing on the balcony, but looking for something for indoor. More just to try it than anything.

I have been to Home Box, and what passes for B & Q and have came up empty. Even Carrefour and RT Mart has nothing specifically for hydro.

There are some old forums that really do not say much. I am thinking Amazon might be the way to go. But if I can minimize that, that would be great. Also, I am not so sure about nutrients coming in from Amazon to the Island.


What sort of hydro set up do you want to run?

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Kratky. It appears simple. Maybe small container, non-circulating. If I can find acceptable supplies, then I may branch out.

Most can be DIY, but it is the nutrients bit I am concerned with. I cannot read Chinese very well.

Where could I get Ca and Mg? I have not been able to find Epsom salt anywhere.

I’ll subscribe to this thread because I’m running out of space in the balcony. I’d like to try some hydroponic stuff but haven’t found any supplier near where I live.

I have snooped around the internet tubes and I have learned that success can be made with traditional fertilizers in proper amounts.

Also, some nutrients can be ordered by Amazon, including CaL-MaG (essential for tomatoes and peppers), so there is that.

I have seen liquid fertilizers in shops here, but I cannot read Chinese too well, so I am not sure exactly what is what. I bought a bottle of this and my boss read the instructions, but got hung up on the chemistry. She said it was for plants.

Any way, that is my update. Thanks!