Hyenas on leashes

Is this cruelty or what?

Yeah, this is bad. My mother once bought an eagle for R5 in South-Africa (a young bird) and we released it in the forest. I don’t know if it survived but it’ll have a better chance than staying locked up as someone’s pet and never being able to fly.

Oh you ain’t seen nothing yet. Next time you’re in Guangzhou check out their wild animal market. There’s some serious cruelty.

Yeah, that’s why I’d never go to China. I would never spend my money at a place that abuses animals openly and call it culture…Have you been there? Why in the world did you go there?..

No I don’t think it’s cruelty. It’s just a bunch of people with animals on a leash. Now if the picture depicted them beating them then it would be cruel. Hyennas on a leash are no different than monkeys being on a leash with the exception of them being forced to preform in stupid Disney movies.

You don’t think putting animals in bondage is cruel?

Neither hyenas nor monkeys should be on leashes. For a long list of very good reasons why “wild” animals should not be kept by humans, and why it IS crule to do so, see here:http://www.chintiminiwildlife.org/Education/LivingWithWild/WildAnDoNot.htm

Yeah, the picture doesn’t show them being beaten but look at how both the hyena and baboon are cowering. They are probably beaten and abused pretty regularly. Cats, dogs, sheep, cows etc are easily domesticated because humankind has bred them to be that way over the last few thousand years. Wild animals do not possess the nescessary traits to be properly domesticated, and thus need to be dominated, to be shown who is boss, in order to “respect” humans. Do you think that people who deal in the illegal trade of wild animals have the slighest concern for the wellbeing of the animal? Do you think that they have any concept of empathy and kindness?

I DO think that this is very cruel. [/url]

You don’t think putting animals in bondage is cruel?[/quote]

Yea that’s why I don’t go to the zoo and would refuse to take my kids there.

Where is this? Some zoos actually do alot of good namahottie. Through urbanization the average modern human has lost access to nature thus creating a knowledge deficit(look at Taiwan). Don’t like to generalize but the average person I’ve come across from Taiwan seems to lack the compassion and the knowledge for wildlife that I’m used to. I think many zoos provide information/education,research and conservation. Haven’t yet been to the zoo here.

I’m sorry but we’ll have to agree to disagree. IMO zoos have become to do a lot a good because with time man has realized how much of mess he has made by stripping forests and wildlife for his own personal gain/pleasure. To me it’s sick that a polar bear has been born in captivity and we justify it by talking about global warming. Whatever :unamused: Perhaps, if we stop ‘saving’ these animals and focus our attention on fully educating those who are destroying the animal’s enviroment then things would be better off.