Hypnotist in Pingtung/Kaohsiung area?

I’m looking for a Taiwanese hypnotist who can also use English in Hypnosis.
It would be for myself an my Chinese family members

Any particular arena? Eg religious, fortune telling, financial, other?

There are many there, but depends on the points wanting to be directed. EEnglish seems a bit harder as a lot of this stuff plays on psychology which can be very psychological. Doing a western and eastern session at once commands some serious skill i would imagine.

Good question. With out research ing names of practioners now, I’d say a mix of religious and health with behavior modification.
My wife’s temple recommends a certain kind of protocol run practiced by a couple leading “gurus”. But, they don’t know English or so she’s been told.
I’m also interested in finding an independent practitioner to hopefully treat my anxiety and possibly my food allergy (a longshot).

Now THIS sounds spooky!

Please, be fully aware. That nearly all religions world wide are actually companies. Name them what you want. Here they are very open about it. Go to a funeral here and while.setting the salesperson openly, and without guilt, tells you how the different companies will help you arrange something so you dont need to worry. Then make you worry about something so you can buy more shit. Its very sad to see, but a large portion of society are craving what they sell, so like drugs they make a killing.

Finding a fortune teller that isnt all about cash is going to be insanely difficult. So i recommend going into it as a financial transaction where they will be playing on the emotion of their.customers. dont be shy and.call out their bullshit. You will be respected more by your family long run. But be sensitive to the reason they are wanting.to go. As the reason they are going is to find comfort. Though, like a drug dealer, they are likely not going to want your business to stop.

Yeah thanks. I’m aware of this. Outside of the larger “family plans”, I am interested in using a reputable hypnotist.
So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I’d like to see some kind of certification.

If you find someone, please post. I really want to help, but i have only found mentally ill. Not being sarcastic :frowning:

Mentally ill? Are the hypnotists or not?
Do they have satisfied clients? I’m not sure anybody here in Taiwan is sane.
Tell me some of your encounters with their problems.
Again, I tend to somatize my problems that is I can get sick easily through suggestion or too much stress, and I can easily get better when certain problems are taking care of.
I believe that would be simple behavior modification or simple hypnotic suggestions.
I doubt the person’s mental health would have any bearing on this procedure or they could direct me to do nefarious things.
If there are mentally ill they would not be practicing.

You might be quite surprised. More than a few times we have had them snao, lose their shit cause it didnt work, insult us cause we arent suitable, tell us we need to go do a bunch random nonsensical things and come back with a trained mind etc.

Im all for placebo,brainwashing, mind over matter etc cause it is astonishing what our brain can make our bodies do. But more than a few use this as a power hungry control freak type things that appears to display very unstable psychological behaviour. I very much dislike that.

OK, Mr Explant, you sound like you know your stuff.
I’ve been here more than two decades, my Chinese is so, so, I live far from other foreigners in rural hillbillytown but in my circle of work, local friends and family, I’m ok. Before my APARC, I was abused a bit but times have changed. We can find most things like fortune-tellers but hypnotists or psychogists are not to be found locally.
I assume you live in the city with lots of foreigners, English speakers and whatnot.
You know and have dealt with the hypnotist or therapeutic community and you cannot find a one person to recommend even with a small word of caution this person is a little nuts in this area?
cannot recommend somebody but just tell me to avoid talking about this or that?
If what you say is true and I cannot get any help in what I’d like. Could you recommend some tapes or online programs.

My goal is to break the somatic relationship between stress and illness and to correct the bad habits.
And yes I’ve had a BA degree in psychology and some postgraduate work so I can plug into stuff if you recommend it
Again, what I want doesn’t seem to be high level stuff. There should be somebody in southern Taiwan who can help.

Hypnotherapy, that’s what you want. A hypnotherapist, not a hypnotist. People tend to associate ‘hypnotists’ with party tricks.

Could you perhaps achieve the same results accessing a hypnotherapist online? If so, your search base would open up massively.

You already appear to have a handle on yourself, and the hypnotherapy would give you more tools to help you to keep your self maintained. So would you actually need to physically see them?

Ya sorry but i really dont have one i would recommend. I have always lived in the countryside, like you. So quite a strong superstition type community. Though i have gone with family to pingdong city, kaohsiung and tainan.

Im sure there must ve decent ones, but i have yet to meet one. Which really actually hurt more than helped as most of the family steogly believe in what the person is doing and are scared to not be anything but ovedient. Thats my only suggestion as it can cause more pain than gain. But if you are just going yourself and not in group fashion i would imagine it would be far easier.

I have a pretty interesting website on my computer that a lot of people have used with positive results. I forgot the name so need to link it when im home.

If they are mentally ill, they should not be practicing, but they can be practicing unfortunately.

And, some of them may be just nefarious.

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Bit similar to the teaching industry hehe