I am British getting a teaching job in Taiwan: ACRO or DBS check?

I have a DBS check, listing that I don’t have any convictions or anything like that. Can I use this or do I need an ACRO specifically?

Also: ACRO requires submitting a photo. There are list of requirements of what it must look like, but it doesn’t say anywhere that I cannot smile. The only good photo I have is of me smiling: Can I use this?

ACRO is the way to go for Taiwan.

You can take a picture from home against a white wall.

Do I have to have a straight face or can I smile? I have a perfectly sized photo to use for it but i’m smiling in it. Can I just use that? I can’t see anything saying I can’t anywhere.

Since it says Passport-Styecon their website I’d go with not smiling. They probably want a biometric photo. Like @meishijia said, you can take a photo at home. O the internet are several sites that’ll generate a suitably sized passport style photo for free from that.

Alright thank you:)