I am Filipina who married a Taiwanese -- seeking employment advice

I am married last year september and i am now here in taiwan , hsinchu with my hasband and my 3 mos old baby. I am not fluent in the language I also cannot read or write Mandarin. So is there any company to accept filipinos who are not fluent in mandarine ? I am undergraduate 3rd year collage bachelor of information technology major in drafting.

I know some of the hotels in the Hsinchu area are looking for housekeeping staff (and don’t care too much about language skills). Not the most exciting job, but it will allow you to earn some money and also pick up some Mandarin along the way. You can always switch jobs once you are more fluent.

The alternative would be to finish your degree at one of the colleges in Hsinchu, take some Chinese classes at the same time, and then look for a job closer to your qualifications.


I know some Filipinos tutoring English, They may speak some Mandarin, though.

OP seems not to know English well enough to be a Tutor.

@rooftopclown advise to finish her degree and learn Chinese on the side would be better in the long run.
Unless OP is fine doing housekeeping or being a carer for elderly/kids.

Her English may be different from American or British English, but, I guess she is proficient enough to be a tutor for kids. Some online English teaching company might have a position.

Please be informed that as a foreign spouse there are different programs that allow you to continue education, like free Chinese lessons, or start your own business, like training and low cost loans.

There are government agencies specialized in finding jobs for foreign spouses. You can consult at your local Household registry. No cost.

Another option for example is retraining. You could train as a baomu 保姆 or in-house nanny, meaning you can take care of your child and up to 2 or 3 more in your own house. This would allow saving money and easing the transition. You could do lessons or freelance work afterhours.



If you could finish your degree in any way, it will be a big plus in your life.

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Sounds great.

Aside from house keeping, I think hotel/air port desk jobs could probably be a way to go? However, for Baomu or some service sector jobs, having free training provided by the government would probably help.

Actually, it is required so to have a license and perform those jobs legally. Even nail and hair salon indistyry requires that.

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Hi Ethel,

How are you? kamusta kabayan?

Most that I know they are working at 5 star Hotels and some also work at Filipino groceries stores (accounting, cashier and so on) some also work at the Factories but you need to check first if they have job openings. You’re husband need to assist you to look for job hunting on internet.

Like Icon says and I think it is quick solution - consult “household registry office” they also had those list of available jobs for foreign spouses.

Happy job hunting :grinning:

By the way, since you are in Hsinchu, there also might be job openings at Semi-conductor fabrication factories here for you. Most semi-conductor factories hire Foreign workers and they need highly skilled and good English speakers to help manage the crew.

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Hi still looking for Nanny job ? now ?