I am now in Quarantine; recommendations for UberEats, Foodpanda?

Hello my Taiwanese Locals and Expats. I have just arrived in wonderful Taipei; currently in a hotel in the Songshan District!

People back home are in different timezones to me so I thought I’d hop on here, see if anyone was around.

Thoughts on my experience so far;

Going through the airport is a super slick experience, efficient logging into the QT system, straight to filling out a form for the taxi, getting hosed with Antiviral spray, and then straight into the Quarantine Hotel. I have to admit, it’s clearly working looking at your Covid Stats.

However, I now have a few questions to ask of this forum- any recommendations on where/ and what to order from Ubereats and Foodpanda? I ordered a few basic groceries like milk and cereal- home comforts essentially. I’m not super keen on the hotel food so would appreciate some good recommendations :smiley:

It’s Day 2 and I’m already staring out of the window. Can’t wait to leave QT!


Din Tai Fung is on Uber Eats. It’s pretty awesome to be able to order a whole Din Tai Fung meal straight to your door. It can get pretty expensive though.

Burger Ray’s is also great on Uber Eats if you’re looking for burgers other than McD’s


For groceries on UberEats, CitySuper (dry items primarily), Carrefour (not listed under English name; drinks and suburban stores have better selection), and RT Mart (fruit) were options. Some branded items turned out to be produced locally.

For Meals on UberEats, Life Kitchen was a reasonably good match for the healthy/clean category from the West.

Consider starting early and watching for weight gain during quarantine. :grinning:


Ah, no. The weight gain begins upon freedom!

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McDonald’s is on Food Panda. KFC delivers too. And there’s always Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

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Peeta x TakeTake if you want lean and healthy.

Burger Ray because they use good quality meat in the burger, and are one of the few places aside from Costco that has diet pepsi fountain soda.

Baba Kevins if you want hearty BBQ

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I find that food panda has more choices

Btw the Uber eats pass might not be useful depending on what you order since there’s a minimum of 200 TWD to use it. Most lunch boxes are cheaper than that. I got the pass for quarantine but don’t think I saved anything, since without it delivery is only 25 TWD and I think I ended up wasting food by ordering too much so I met 200 TWD limit

That’s not pizza here anymore. beware!

What Is it :frowning:

Just horrible concoctions including seafood and chicken and maybe potato slices.

Don’t be so picky… eat the hotel food and be grateful :massage_man:

I have a water problem. The hotel gives me two bottles per day (about 1 litre), and I called them and asked for more, but they said no dice. So I downloaded FoodPanda, but not surprisingly when I search for ‘water’ I don’t exactly get the option to buy cases at a reasonable price.

I’m considering asking my boss to drop off a case if she’s ever in the area, but I’m open to suggestions…

Taiwan has water shortage. Try recycling. #BearGrylls

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is beer delivery a thing in taiwan? how’s the local light brew? that’s basically water, and probably better than drinking my own urine…

I believe you cannot buy anything with alcohol content on any online platform.

However, there’s a few delivery services in which you can have the delivery person go to the store and pick up specific items for you.


I texted my contact at my employer and she called the hotel. Apparently, they can give me more water. I guess I shouldn’t have taken no for an answer. Problem solved!

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If you’re in Taipei, New Taipei City, or Taoyuan, you can drink tap water quite safely.