I am searching for Bulgarian people

my name is Ivo and i am searching for Bulgarian people. I have been in Taiwan for 6 months already and i am studying in National Taiwan Ocean University. I am going to be for 2 years here doing my masters degree. I do not know any Bulgarian people here and i am so sad that i am the only one (maybe). Everybody that i know who is foreigner has his/her country mates, but only me not. Does anybody know or have heart about Bulgarian people somewhere in Taiwan? Please if somebody has friends Bulgarians or has info about Bulgarian people to e-mail me at tassevi@yahoo.com . It is urgent.! Please! Thanks! Ivo

Not Bulgarian, but I met a nice Russian guy working in a Taichung department store. He was selling Bulgarian products and works for a Bulgarian company. I bought some Bulgarian rose-petal jam from him and a bottle of Bulgarian rakia.
I’ll try to go back to the store sometime soon and get his contact info if you like.

My god!! You’ve got to get me one of those. I am from Bosnia, so I was brought up with Rakia. :loco:
What fruit was it made of?
OK! Dinner, I make another leg of lamb, you bring the rakia. :slight_smile: we invite our Bulgarian friend and after a few drinks, we’ll all speak Bulgarian. :smiley:

It was made from muscatel grapes (the very sweet kind, they wait until they’re almost dried raisins before they harvest them). I thought it would be far too sweet for my taste but it was actually very nice indeed.

Ok, thanks for the info, although i would prefer Bulgarian people. However, you can take the e-mail of this guy and i can write himn e-mail. Thanks. You can send it to me. Ivo