I cannot understand the beginning of the 越狱season 4

Season 3 has only just been released, Season 4 should be released this time next year, it’s not even been on TV in the US yet.

Why use its Chinese name? How are we supposed to know what it is?

If you want to know what happened there are lots of sites with synopses on. http://www.tv.com for one, and many others if you google for them.

I’ve always thought that would make a creat online game. Pasting in the Chinese name for movies and series and guessing the original English titles. Have done it bored a few times with mates in Taiwan and it aint easy.


[quote=“RobinHood”]Did anyone go to dvdcollects.com and buy anything off this site?
Thanks[/quote]I wouldn’t trust anything from China, you’re unlikely to receive a working genuine version, if they send you anything at all.

The site you mentioned before is just a bootleg site, nothing but pirated DVDs, and is thus against the rules here.

Why is someone not understanding a TV series an “event”? Bit pathetic for a “What’s On” guide to Taipei, is it not?


It’s not, thanks for pointing that out.
I’ve moved it now.