I can't check "view posts sionce last visit"

It doesn’t work for me, whenever I hit that button I get something like this:

[quote]Could not obtain matched posts list


SQL Error : 1109 Unknown table ‘u’ in where clause

SELECT post_id FROM phpbb_posts WHERE post_time >= 1108014029 AND u.user_id NOT IN ( 7498 )

Line : 258
File : /usr/share/phpbb2/site/search.php[/quote]

Can someone please fix this for me.


[quote=“Okami”]Can someone please fix this for me.

[New Posts?


Problem is fixed, thanks, you can now flounder this post

New question about the New Posts function - why can’t I see the “New” link anywhere except the main index?

I can’t see the link at ALL. It’s usually the first place I go. Never mind finally found it for those others with problems it just says “New”.

Aha, there it is, back again! Yay! :notworthy:

Still re-doing the overall framework here. Will continue working on it this weekend