I cant remember... visitor visa related

Maybe someone can help me.
I have a visitor visa… Multiple entry. 60 days. ( USA)

In the past I had my visa extended twice… before the third time I was to have it stamped in Taiwan… I could have stayed… I flew home to the USA. ( This Restarts the cycle, right?)

I came back to Taiwan from the USA end of February, had it stamped once, 60 days later ( I cant remember when) it was stamped for June 27th.
Since its a multiple entry I can get it stamped two times more at immigration for another 60 days/ 60 days ( total of 180 days) before I MUST leave, right? to do a visa run.
I totally forgot about how this visa stuff works.

I cant even find / remember the right website to go to to search for this info. I am having a “Memento” moment… for your movie buffs… no tattoos yet.