"I Drink Your Milkshake!"


Just saw There Will Be Blood again for the second time. Man, what a film. Saw things that I was completely blind to the first time around. Realized I didn’t appreciate that movie for what it was on my initial viewing. Also, the score! Did not notice how it blended into the background with such subtlety and was nearly unnoticeable until this time. And Daniel Day-Lewis… damn. The intensity of his eyes, and the clean, sinister presence of Planview, with all the brewing madness just waiting in the shadows, eager to be let loose. That Oscar was well-deserved.

I’m sure quite a number of you have already seen it since '07, but if you haven’t, please do. :thumbsup:

Thanks and be well,


P.S. Also watched The Descendants again for the second time as well on a plane a few weeks back. Totally different movie of course - different genre, different theme, different tone… but was def a good one too, worth checking out.