I forgot my backpack on the bus


Can somebody help me? I lost my bagpack on a 304chongching bus in taipei. I hopped on ximen mrt station and hopped off yuanhuan/ taipei circle around 630 in the morning. I dont know what to do next and still hoping i could retrieve backy bagpack. Can somebody help me? I went to the police station near me and left my infos there but still a day has passed but no calls.

If a may ask, can i get the infos of the bus since i used an easycard? can i personally check the cctv of the bus? Is there any chance i can find my bag? Badly needed help. Thank you!

Hop on the bus again and ride it to the end. It’ll take you to the terminus and they might have it there.


Or call them, the 304 is the Chung Hsing bus company. It’s 0800-002-277.


Today is holiday… right? Is there still an office hours even on holidays?

Buses are running, they’re open. They might have the bag there.

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Call the bus company number and ask directly. They should have a list and found service.

I found 0800-002-277

Your card may have the information of which station you got on and at what time.

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I tried to call but no one answer. :anguished:

Buses start running at 5:30 am. Maybe try then.

Now? Yeah, call during the day.


No, i tried to call since this morning but no one answers.

Hmm maybe things are a bit weird at the moment. Maybe there’s another number, I’ll look

This is the number of their Palace Museum station, it’s likely it would be there if they have it: (02)2882-2126

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So, i cant get any infos of the bus i rode using my easycard? Also, i cant speak fluent mandarin things might a little bit harder for me if thru call. I am thinking another ways or might be planning on how to retrieve my bag back.

PS. Is there still a chance that i can retieve my bag back?

Usually, I’d say there is a good chance if getting it back. Look, they have cameras on the bus. They usually keep most stuff left.

Can you ask a local friend to go with you to the depot?

Thank you sooo much! I will be going tommorow morning. I hope i can still retrieve my bag. Hoping for the positive outcome. :smile::smile:

Here’s the location:


There is a very good chance. This site is filled with feel-good stories of people recovering lost property. Petty theft is relatively rare in Taiwan. There’s a 95% chance that your “bag pack” has been handed in somewhere. Locating it is the biggest challenge.


I lost my wallet on a bus in Kaohsiung. It was waiting at the terminus. When it comes to petty theft, people are (comparatively) honest here. It still happens, but much less than if you left it somewhere on public transport in Europe or the USA.

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Any updates?

Hi. sorry for the very late reply.

However, sad to say no one returned by bag pack and the bus i rode that day unfortunately their cctv cameras are broken. in order to avoid any inconvenience, i decided to stop.