I ghost wrote ivy league application essays... fair price?


The student’s Eng is native speaker quality, but they were in a deadline pinch.

What is a fair price for multiple drafts, hours of researching each school, Skype consultations, and biographical content reflecting said student in the specific target major resulting in compelling essays of almost 600 words?

Any feedback would be appreciated deeply.


past tense…you already wrote these without quoting a price first?


I’m fairly certain you’re aware of this, but…

Two options here: flat rate or hourly. Both are easy to compute.

Flat rate = number of hours (minutes) spent on document x your suggested hourly rate.

Hourly rate = start at the minimum amount of money you’re willing to work for.

Freelance rates vary wildly. A fair medium (which I use) is nothing less than $25 an hour, and for specialized gigs, such as the Ivy League shit, is $40 an hour. However, I will state my price at $50 an hour to dissuade them. I don’t want to write entrance essays, but I will, for the right price. Currently, both of my steady freelance gigs are at or around my minimum; one gig is super easy, flat-rate work which comes out to roughly $20. If it wasn’t insanely simple work (for me), I wouldn’t do it.

There are a lot of freelance gigs out there in the $10-15 range, particularly on the research based sites like Wonder. They’re offering $28 flat rate for some shit that’s gonna take at least two hours.

Sounds to me like you put in a bunch of effort. You would not be asking too much for a flat rate US$100 (TWD$3300) - I would ask for $250, unless it was a friend or family. I dunno how many hours you put into it though. The last one I did was about 10 hours of bullshit (same as you described, but not Ivy League). And that’s…$25 per hour.


I’d do my research first and find out what kind of car(s) their parents drive. Adjust rate accordingly. :grin: