I have 100+ Topics with No Replies :(


Just noticed this… is my breath bad? I wonder if this will be one of them with no reply?

And is there a badge or reward for starting uninteresting topics?

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I wasn’t going to reply until it occurred perhaps you are subliminally trying to set some sort Guiness world record, kind of along the lines of how many jelly beans you can fit in one nostril.


What’s that.

The sound of crickets chirping.


You just start too many damn topics.

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What’s more interesting is that none of these have been moved to the temporary forum. I smell like double standard as usual.


California dreaming


I’m working late I’m here all night


Hey, they are all good topics. Just no one is interested.


What’s a good topic? One no1 replied to or one that is active and closed at whims of others?


But I guess I’m just chasing rabbits


Chasing rabbits is what most mods here tend to do @Pickle, I wonder what your opinion is on Liverpool beating Barcelona?


Well not to take away from those blokes from Liverpool Manchester u forever!


Is @Pickle a bot? Thoughts?


Is mick an attention whxre


Have you seen many bots with my flare style lately?


No. But I suspect we will.




There are many things I want to say to you but I don’t know how maybe you’re the one that’s going to save us.


Right about now @tango42 is deeply regretting starting this thread.

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