I just LOVE Justin Trudeau!

Isn’t he so amazing… I just LOVE Justin Trudeau because he is a symbol of all that is important and he has accomplished many things such as… such as… such as… er… um… but he means well and he snowboards… and he has done… um… and means… um… gosh! can someone help me out here… It is so SOOOO important that poseurs such as this lecture the leaders of other nations because um… er… ah… you know… right? IF I EVER hear a Canadian EVER laugh or scorn an American politician again. BWAHJAHAHAAH?AHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA THIS takes the cake! World’s dumbest leader ever? or would that be Argentina’s Christina Fernandez Kirchner or South Africa’s Theo Mbeki (no HIV here!) or maybe just maybe Hugo Chavez?

He’s the greatest cuck in the hotwife scene of Ottawa. Too bad he’s married to Canada.

Yesterday I learnt that some of the gay sounding musical abortions that were played over and over at my previous office were perpetrated by Justin Bieber.

I think you’re underestimating the power of good hair. Trudeau and Trump both elected because of a smashing head of hair. But I bet Trudeau is better at yoga than Trump is, so our country wins !

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I know, I know- the heat fries the brains of a lot of people. Try a cold compress until you get to the point of being able to string together coherent phrases


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Ah the Canada-bashing circlejerk :roll:

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Not Canada. Just young Trudeau.

He’s proudly contributing to the truth and reconciliation commission despite the fact that it is Canada’s indignity.

In China they can eat dogs, while in Canada it’s legal to have sex acts with them. It’s obvious that Xi feels intimidated by the progressive aura of Turdo and doesn’t dare to talk with him.

Loophole plugged 2 weeks ago.


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That’s literal fascism. First they came for the people who wanted to fuck their dogs…

Damn, it was such a fun topic. The canadian government is a disappointment even when it comes to things we can use to make fun of them.

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OPS…bad mistake on my part, I apologize.

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S’okay. Everything is honey. :honey_pot:

What’s his scorecard?
-Oilpatch hates him
-Steelworkers are lukewarm
-Grain farmers blame him
-Potheads stopped their paranoia
-Indians think he’s a wuss
-Loggers don’t like him
Anything else…?

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On the plus side, “lukewarm” is better than red hot hate.

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Former Isis fighters who received housing and welfare in Canada LOVE him!

Former Guantanamo convicts and members of Al-Quaeda who killed US troops LOVE him!

Gotta give credit when credit is due.

For reference, in case some people didn’t know:

As for the Isis bit, plenty of stuff on Google.

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I forgot
-the hoteliers who had to put up with his warm hugs for Syrians really love/hate him.