I just turned 40 and all I got was this cold

Well, somehow the fob missed that I had a birthday on Monday. And now I am officially old and decrepit. Somehow, along the way I caught a cold and I almost never get sick. Is this a sign that I’m going to die? Is this going to be an endless progression of things falling apart in my body until finally I need assisted living?

Congrats on your 40th birthday.

From now on it’s a downhill ride. :slight_smile:

its the Happy 40 !!!


Let me be the VERY FIRST to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MilkTeaJack.

P.S. Watch you don’t catch a cold.

Milk Tea Jack beat me to the downhill slide by a whole day.

Do NOT smell your birthday cake. You’ll gain 10kg immediately.

Look on the bright side. You aren’t married and don’t have kids, right? You’re free as a bird. Now go fly.

Sorry, where are my manners.

Happy Birthday!




Belated birthday wishes, btw!

Let me be the VERY FIRST to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Matchstick_man!

Happy Birthday!

Happy 40.

From now on it will take longer and longer to pee.

Many thanks to all. And a happy birthday to MM.

So far I have learned:

  1. Just when I think I’m done at the urinal…I’m not
  2. If I feel like letting one go with the downhill breeze, its actually a bit of a gamble. There’s gas-and then there is NOT gas.
  3. There was a day I could soldier on with a hangover, a flu, allergies…now I just wonder if it will effing end with me lying in a hospital bed and the lights dimming and the harps playing because that hangover, flu, allergy was really just a harbinger of dying.

Oh, and 4. I’m becoming more cheerful! Why there is a sunny side! :slight_smile:

Old farts laugh more because otherwise all that air turns to fart.

Hope u had a memorable 40.