I know the new rule about breaking a lease early but

I’m just curious if anyone has left early. You lose 1 month of deposit right? Or can you still get it back if you just give the two months in advance? Has anyone had difficulty with landlords not wanting to let you do it?

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What’s the new rule?

Not sure if this is a “new rule” because my leases have always included this penalty (required of both the tenant and landlord for early termination). I’ve moved out in the middle of a lease 4 times, although they’ve all been after renewing the yearly lease at least once.

Every time I gave the landlord at least 30 days notice, and in three cases they didn’t assess the penalty, especially when they saw the condition I left the place, which was always cleaner than when I moved in.

That fourth landlord was a real stickler and I couldn’t convince her to waive the fee.

tl;dr… A one month penalty is normally in the rental contract, but can be negotiated at move out time with some landlords. Give it a shot


Can they tell you to leave earlier than 30 days?

I don’t know the law but I would assume they can’t; however, we all have heard the stories of some sleazy landlords who try to get away with illegal crap.

I’ve heard that the Tsuei Mama group (https://www.tmm.org.tw/) is a good place for tenants’ rights. Maybe they can give you proper legal advice.


Ok so no matter what you should get half of the deposit back (assuming you don’t break stuff or leave it filthy)?

If you paid a two-month deposit, then yes.

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I thought I had read something about not being able to charge if you give enough notice, but now I can’t find it so I think I was mistaken

I can only find this

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When I looked at my current apartment in 2018 I had an agent with me, and I was grateful for that. I really wanted the place, but the agent looked over the lease and noticed a two-month early termination penalty, basically the entire deposit. He told me that the law had recently changed to a maximum penalty of one month (his words), and he immediately told the landlord she needed to correct the rental contract.

I’m not sure if that’s related to what you heard, but yeah, I’m glad the agent was with me (for other reasons as well).


Is is messed up I’m giving two weeks? I’m replacing the bed thingy my rabbits and I messed up and deep cleaning.

The standard written into most leases is a penalty of one month deposit if you leave early. Giving early notice won’t change that unless your landlord is an easygoing sort of person and agrees not to charge the penalty.


Assuming you have paid this month’s rent, you will be losing the two weeks you already paid for but are not staying there plus a month deposit.

It is the same as giving a month’s notice to the landlord.

If you are expecting to only pay half the rent this month, that is a bit cheeky.

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