I love squat pots


Yo, I used to do a lot of squats back in my boxing days. I never thought they’d come in handy when I take a dump in Taiwan.

Those squat toilets are really better than the sit down ones. They feel more natural, yo. And in front you got a little pee-pee shield. And every time you take a dump you work your leg muscles a little bit. That’s one of those little things that keeps all the Taiwanese people healthy. Little things here and there, yo.

But, you know what ticks me off? There’s never any soap in the men’s restroom. So I always have to walk into the women’s restroom and use their soap. And sometimes it’s kind of weird, right? There’s this big white guy in the women’s restroom. So I just say, “yo, sorry, ladies, there’s no soap in the men’s room.”


Soap in a public washroom Balboa??? why???

Kidding aside, the boxing coaches here are lame. COme to think of it, I have made an entire career of bonding with lame ass coaches. I guess it doesn’t help that I was raised in Canada (west coast).

One coach is damn good, but he can’t coach. He does Muai Thai and used to fight iN Japan professionally. He’s sadistic in a good-natured way.


Hey Ed,
Where do you box? Do they train hard there? Any big guys? Also, what do you pay? Thanks in advance. Wait a minute, this is pretty off topic. I should say something about squat boxes. I was on one today in an office building, and in front of me was a sign that said:
House Rules

  1. Keep Clean
  2. Slamming the door scare other people
  3. Save toilet paper as saving the world
  4. Keep floor clean and dry
  5. Always flushing


Hey Ed,

His name’s Rocky PEPPERONI.