I need a convection microwave oven. Turkey Size

I’m chasing a convection microwave…big enough for a turkey…Secondhand or brand new…Any suggestions?

I bought a new Panasonic convention/microwave/steemer oven and I LOVE IT. Got it at Costco and was $30,000. I have cooked cakes, pies, etc., and even a bird! Don’t know how BIG a turkey you want to cook, but if you are planning on making something the size to feed a family and not the whole block, it will fit perfectly. As of the end of May, Costco Neihu still had plenty!
Hope it helps!

I got a really big Toaster oven for under 2000 nt and it has done a great job on everything I cooked, guess it depends on the size of the bird you want to roast and if you are prepared to watch out for grease fires or not

We have a Sharp microwave/convection oven that we would like to sell. We are moving back to the USA. My wife has cooked turkeys successfully in this oven. It is in good working order. We have an English instruction manual and two baking racks.
It is 10 years old and the only problem we have had was the turntable stoped turning. It was repaired and that was the end of our problems.
We are asking 2500NT. If you are interested email us at ajsmomm@yahoo.com.