I need a new home for my cats


I’m getting kicked out of my shop, and I’m going to discontinue having a guitar making shop, but will instead transition to other guitar work that does not require a huge shop that can be done on the go. Unfortunately I will not be able to keep the cats any longer but I have no idea who I can give the cats to.

Is there any resource for me, or if you are willing to take the cats and find a new home for both of them? I’m sorry to be asking this but unfortunately my new situation will not allow pet ownership and in fact wouldn’t be very nice for them…

thanks in advanced.

Crazy cat club

Post in chinese. Including pictures and details.
Don’t abandon them.

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This was originally directed at @Icon by the way, because she’s also involved in an animal welfare organization, and so if anyone can rehome my cats, she could. Problem is she’s not accepting PM’s at this time.

It’s none of my business, but is there perhaps any way you could avoid getting kicked out of the shop? I’m assuming, possibly incorrectly, that it’s a money/rent thing, but I’m wondering whether you’ve exhausted all the other possibilities that might enable you to keep your shop (and the cats).

One of those could be getting a regular job for a while to tide you over (I know you don’t want that, but desperate times…).

I remember you having a massive lathe and stuff, and I would imagine that’s a pain to move/get rid of, and difficult to get back and restart your shop once it’s gone.

No I need to get rid of this. It’s like a huge ball and chain that weights me down and makes any financial independence impossible. They need to go, even if I get no money for it. I won’t be getting them back anymore, guitarmaking has consumed too much of my resources for very little reward, and I realized I can still do most the work without them.

And also I’m going to play this by ear in the next few months before I decide where to ultimately go.

Fair enough, that makes sense. I assumed from “I’m getting kicked out” that it was involuntary, rather than a choice. Good luck.

It’s kinda half and half…

Contract is running out and the landlord is certainly not under any obligation to continue the lease…

That and I am beginning to feel weighted down by the shop and realized that 99% of my work does NOT involve those machines, and I could operate out of a much smaller room and still retain my ability to work.

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Any possibility of reinvesting part of the money that would go into the shop into a good apt for you and the cats?

If not either way, hoping for the best for the kitties (and ofc you too, just that their situation is a bit more serious it seems :sweat_smile:)

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I am not going to be able to get by on a studio flat with 2 cats. One is plenty and even then it’s a stretch. No the cats deserve better than that. Plus the two cats don’t really seem to like each other that much…