I need my KTV

Okay, I need to do some KTV and soon. Anyone up for it?

Ooh! Me! Me! Pick Me!!!

The last KTV I did was horrendous. A room full of chain smokers who had no idea about KTV etiquette, let alone any standard idea of normal manners who sang everyone’s songs as rudely and crassly as their useless drunken behinds wanted. Nevermind refusing to start until they were sufficiently drunk (which wasn’t until 1am although the plan was to start at 8pm), some people ducking out without paying so out of 17+ people only 8 of us paid for them, not buying the minimum amount of food and drinks so we had to pay the difference, going out into the hallway singing and yelling, and being obnoxious to the hostesses.

Bloody British drug addicted drunken losers. When they said, “We should do this again…” I could only roll my eyes and bite my tongue to keep from saying “never a-f*cking-gain with you people.” It took me days to get the stench of the smoke from probably more than 300 cigarettes out of my hair and my skin. Nevermind the number it did on my allergies. I couldn’t open my eyes for two days without them burning and my sinuses were shot to hell for the rest of the week that followed.

I have been to the other side and it’s made me grateful for KTV-aware Forumosans that much more.

I’m always down.

I promise to get a smoke free room. But as for getting drunk, I don’t know. Hey, you may like me getting drunk, I may grope you :smiling_imp: