I need some felt for my poker table

My poker table felt is destroyed and I cant find any. The only place that had it was a pool table place and they wanted 4000nt for some felt. The table is only worth 1000 or 2000. Anyone have any ideas?


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almost any 五金行 type of “everything” store or any shop that sells Mahjhong sets and stuff will have squares of cheap foam backed felt for Mahjhong tables… it’s synthetic, not real felt, but its green and er, felty so what more do you want… under NT$100 a square…

What size do you need? An art supply store might have large sheets of felt.

Here are a couple of shops to try:

八大美術社 Ba1 Da4 Art Supply
Shi1da4 Rd., Lane 83, #8. 23639307.

大時代美術設 Da4 Shi2dai4 Art Supply
Heping E. Rd. Sec. 1, #109-1

I bought felt several years ago at the fabric market. It was sold by the meter. I don’t remember the price, but it was very cheap…maybe 100 NT a meter. But since it’s summer, you might not be able find it now.

Thanks so much for your replys!