I need some (fun) resources (books, games, etc) for teaching summer classes to kids!


I’ve just been asked to help out at a local school and (urgently) need to find some suitable books…

Is anyone able to recommend one or two books or some activities that would be suitable for Summer holiday kids English classes? The kids I have in mind are all in elementary school (aged 7-11); they’re pretty friendly and lively, with the ability to engage in very basic conversation.

I’ve been asked to focus on conversational English, but the classes will only be once a week, so they may easily forget what they are taught.

I was thinking of something activity-based, with an emphasis on fun.

Any tips?


The Big Babou

Hi, You can go to Caves book store (Dun-Whong in Chinese). There are plenty of text books for teaching English for kids.

I found this page invaluable in my teaching:


It’s a collection of links to other websites where you can get games, activities, warm-ups, lessons, etc. for free. It beats buying expensive books at Caves!

That’s more like it! Thanks Eskimo.

Rayleo, I agree that Caves Bookstore is a good source for teaching materials, but I also have to say that the place doesn’t offer value for money… (I wanted to say “ripoff” but I might get flamed for it…). Thanks for your advice anyway.