I saw this in someone's sig


I saw this in someone on this forum’s signature… It says, “wo zou wo de yang guan dao, ni zou ni de du li qiao.”

I know what “du li qiao” is, but what is “yang guan dao”?


thoroughfare? broad road?

陽關道today means a smooth, braod road. In the very old days it meant “silk road” 絲路: the road to the Middle East from China and came to mean a smooth, broad way. 我走我的陽關道,你走你的獨木橋 should actually be 你走你的陽關道, 我走我的獨木橋 meaning you go your own way and I will go mine.

I couldn’t find the information online but I think enatai’s right.
Also, the Pinyin should be "Ni3 zou3 ni3 de yang2 guan1 dao4, wo3 zou3 wo3 de du2 mu4 qiao2 " 你走你的陽關道, 我走我的獨木橋 ; or you might sometimes hear someone says “Ni3 zou3 ni3 de yang2 guan1 dao4, wo3 guo4 wo3 de du2 mu4 qiao2” 你走你的陽關道, 我我的獨木橋. They both mean the same.


I think it is a political statement, that’s why the wo and ni are reversed. Why don’t you ask Zeugmite. I am sure he knows what it means.

I’m convinced it is. But perhaps I’m reading too much into his choice of words. His way is evoking some sort of broad road while the independence way (eluded to by the use of 獨 ) is a wooden bridge. Maybe I’ve read too many of his past posts, though.

Actually, yang2guan1dao4 and du2mu4qiao2, not yang2 guan1 dao4 and du2 mu4 qiao2.

ABC2 gives “difficult path” as well as “single-plank bridge” for dumuqiao.

Cool, thanks everyone! Yes… it’s probably a political statement…

Oops… I put “du li” instead of “du mu”, because I was thinking about 台灣的獨立. Haha… and if you’ve noticed, I don’t do tones… not good.