I Signed - The House Buying Saga

This bank only had variable unfortunately.

I don’t think so. I dimly recall asking about one when we got our mortgage, and the possibility was mostly dismissed.

What about taking mortgage in foreign currency?A lot of Europeans took mortgage in Schweizer Franken and got burnt when it appreciated.

Is possible to get mortgage in euros? Euro is tanking and is currency in which we receive salaries. So it makes sense. I would love we own something in Taiwan

In Taiwan? All of them I saw were in TWD. I don’t know if European banks will approve a mortgage for a Taiwanese house. I know Canadians won’t approve a mortgage they can’t enforce.

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Please tell me this is a thing.

Yep, I mean German Bank is willing to give mortgage for apartment in Germany in Franken.
Taiwanese have a lot of foreign reserves, so maybe Taiwanese banks might be interested.

Asking either Taiwan bank is willing to give mortgage in euros for apartment in Taiwan?

I wouldn’t know. But right now, I am mostly just trying to replace my housing budget with something I own.

I’ve never seen any advertised services for houses in Euro.

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