I think Taiwan is ruled by cats

Seriously , I think the woman is a puppet. That cat is in charge. Bow down to your kitty overlords.


That, oddly, would make me feel better about politics here.

I wonder how would you feel about the enabling act to send all the rodent populations to the “re-education” center?

I’m voting for Tu Gou for president.

(well, I would, if I could vote)


Tu Gou vs Tabby Cat, should be quite an election.

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I can’t wait to see the debates. :grin:



Chairman meow

Maybe tsai ingwens cat is chairman meow…


Don’t under estimate kitty power.
We stayed three nights at a luxury Monterey hotel and the manager has a cat the same breed as whopper. He upgraded our room and waived the three day resort fee and the 100 dollar cat fee. Added up that paid for one of the nights.

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Yea, I need a cat. Not to mention I got rodent problems. Who do I talk to to adopt one?


Some cats like whopper don’t do mice though.

We are always watching!