I wanna change the zone of a dvd reader


is there anyone who can give a website or a page (in chinese is ok) or the tip (I can dream, no…) to switch a dvd reader to multizone?
It’s a sony dav-sc5 bought in Taiwan.
I try to see if there’s already a thread but couldn’t find what I wanted.


There are plenty of sites on the web, e.g.

home-sight-and-sound.com/dvd … -hacks.htm

Or, just goggle it with your model number and “region hack.”

Typically, it’s less easy to hack “big name” brands like Pioneer or Sony than the cheaper ones.

Thanks for the reply,

I just had a look at your link and found the answer. Well, I know now what you mean by “less easy”. It’s a “simple” 13 steps trick and I’m already lost at the 2nd step! Ha! :unamused:
Glad it’s not mine…


You cannot always trust those region hacks you find on the net. I used one for my region 3 Philips DVD player that was supposed to change it to all region. It didn’t. It changed it to region 1 and then wouldn’t let me change it back.