I wanna get a part-time job on weekends

Excuse me, I don’t know any proper title of this post, I am a Taiwan girl with fluent English ability. I wanna get a part-time job like a waitress in a bar or club on weekends to enrich my joy in life and fulfill the color in real experience. I am sweet-tempered and I don’t focus on how much you should pay for, I like to meet exotic people and I can be surely do a good job in service field. But I am only available on weekends since I have a full-time job during Mon to Fri. If you have any idea which might be helpful to me, please let me know. Thx!

YESS! This is EXACTLY the kind of barmaid would like to see more of in Taipei. :wink:

I think you should talk to some people who work in Bars and clubs, you mightn’t find that much joy and colour in the real experience!

Though I don’t focus on how much u should pay for, I still wanna feedback somehow.


Here’s a word of advice. Don’t use “words” like “wanna” and “gonna” in written correspondence. It makes you seem 14 years old. It’s ok to speak like that in a casual situation, but to actually spell the words like that isn’t a good idea.

Now to the point of what I wanted to say. Read this post from Alien on what foreigners hope to get in terms of restuarant service.

THX! U are so kind! Let’s see if there’s any openning I could find from here.

:!: Another piece of advise: if that’s your correct address (below your username) I rekon you better remove it instantly!