I wanna play the pub circuit in Tapei

Hi there, im singer/ guitarist coming over to Taipei shortly.

I am going to be teaching english as my regular daytime job, but have a real fondness for music/ performance and love the idea of playing some live gigs around the city’s pubs etc whilst im there. However, ive read some disturbing and off putting stuff about people being deported for doing this very thing. How could i get around the legalities of this? does anyone else perform in the city? if so id appreciate some advice.

PS Im not looking to do it professionally (for money), just for the fun of it…and perhaps a beer or two:)

You will need a separate work permit to perform, even if it is not for money. You can apply for one with the Council of Labor Affairs.

I don’t know if things have changed or not since I was there, but I played quite a few shows throughout 1998 while living in Taipei. It was apparently ‘illegal’ then too, but never received any guff for it, and we got paid for most of the shows. I’m not suggesting you do so, however, as it would certainly suck to get booted for such an offense.

[The Persecution and Deportation Order of Scott Ezell

While avoiding the whole legality issue, what type of music would you perform? Solo or with a band? Would you be happy to step up on open-mic nights?

There are lots of opportunities to perform, but you have to find the right venue/crowd for what you want to play.

I went to an open-mic night in the basement of a dv8nt pub last evening and saw “the snorts” and a guy playing guitar and the musical saw. There were only four or five people watching the show, but I believe the pub did provide free beer to the performers.

What more could an aspiring musician ask for?

Just show up and play. It’s not that difficult.
Mondays - Riverside has a jam.
Wed - Livingroom has a jam
Thurs - Citizen Cain has a jam

Riverside is more clicky, and leans towards rock and or fusion, few people
Livingroom has a wide variety and audiences who listen
Cain is more of a guitar folky thing and loud crowds