I want to get rid of that mold!


for the past 3 weeks, I’m fighting in my flat against a blue/gray thin mold that loves unvarnished wood furniture and leather.

The best I’ve find so far is to use a mix of water and alcohol. But it will eventualy grow back after 5 or 6 days. Anyone knows a good product, or a way to get rid of it??

Is it possible to be allergic to it (running nose, red eyes…)?


The supermarkets sell anti-fungal and anti-bacterial sprays. I think the brand I bought is Lysol.

Yes, I am allergic against fungus spores myself.

My old flat was very damp and mould would spring up all over the place. Clothes, towels, bedding, etc. would get mouldy in no time at all (it took just a couple of days for freshly washed towels to start smelling bad), and I’m sure the mould was the cause of my getting increasingly bad headaches and a nasty skin rash. I worried a lot about what it might be doing to my lungs. Spraying with Lysol wasn’t much use, and I never found any effective way to beat the mould. Eventually, I was forced to move, much as I loved the quietness and woody surroundings of that old flat. My new apartment has no mould at all, my clothes stay clean and sweet-smelling in the closets, my headaches and rash have cleared up, and life is a whole lot better now.

Omni, you should write commercials. :laughing:

If you’re apartment is damp you need to have a dehumidifier going most of the time. Or just turn on the AC (even on warm days) for an hour or so to get the dampness out of the air.

Taiwan’s climate often requires you to take a few extra measures to maintain a clean and healthy environment. That said, if your place is just too wet, move. My wife and I had to leave Wan Fang community because the humidity was making her allergies and skin rashes worse.

You can buy these plastic containers with some white crystal to put in your closets.
I have some indications that it works:

  1. We have less problem with mold on clothes we don’t use too often.
  2. The containers fill up with water very fast (suck the water out of the air.

They don’t cost much, and should be worth a try.

I’ve read that mold is supposed to be very, very bad for you. Can also cause depression, and there can be mold spores in the air even if you don’t see visible mold. I’ve never had allergies but my first two years here, there were months where I would go to bed all stuffed up every single night and would be find during the day. Same with my son. We happened to move the dresser and bed one day and found this blanket of mold growing on the walls behind the dresser and headboard. Don’t live in that apartment anymore but people have suggested a dehumidifier and like Sandman recommended, a/c helps too.