I want to study!

Hey all…

I’ve decided that I want to get back to study… Looking for something that will give me a degree, and preferrably can be done on weekends… and I don’t want it to be a degree in Chinese, and it has to be taught in English… in Taichung if possible

I’ve looked at studyintaiwan.org, but I don’t quite understand… when it says ‘undergraduate’, I understand that - but when it says “Masters” or “Doctorate”… does that mean I need an undergraduate degree first? Or is it a full course that will just end up as a masters?

AFAIK, undergraduate means Bachelor degree. To do a masters or phd, you need a bachelors first.

So if you have a Bachelor degree in something, you can apply for a Masters (or PHD if you have a lot of experience in the field). If you don’t have a Bachelor’s, then that’s what you’ll have to study.