I want to use my bank, not my school's!

I just started working at a new school.
Although I already have an account, my boss insists I open a bank account at her bank, a local cooperative.
She says this is because of recent laws limiting the amounts one can transfer between banks, so she’d rather I use her bank so she can deposit my pay easier and in full. Does this sound ok? As I’m new at her school, I’m still figuring out the extent to which I can trust her (which is, so far so good, knock on wood).

I’d rather not open a new account, as I’ll just be taking the money out and putting it in my other, more convenient bank the same day.

Can I insist on not doing it? Or on cash payment?


This is fairly standard procedure here; nothing “scaly” about it.

My old school made us open an account with a certain bank, and then when they decided to change to a new bank, we had to open accounts there too.

At my new job it’s the same. It’s easier (and no doubt much cheaper as intRA-bank transfers are free or almost so) if your account is with the same bank.

So yes, it’s a hassle for us and a time-waster (especially if you can’t read Chinese to figure out what the bank form needs), but it’s a small issue to fight over, in my opinion, and if it’s really going to make their lives easier, and save them that NT$17 each week / 2 weeks / month, I suggest you pick up an application form at the bank and get your school’s admin ppl to fill / help fill it in for you. It’s not worth arguing over for 30 mins when that’s how long it would take to open the account. (This I figured out after arguing with my old school’s “accountant” in exactly this way).

[quote=“ugaluga”]Can I insist on not doing it? Or on cash payment?
You can try to negotiate anything you wish, but it may not work of course.

I’ve had a few employers and each of them insisted that I get an account with their bank. They also insisted that they could not use any existing account of mine. Stupid, but that is the norm. On the bright side, after lots of debating, I did get agreement from one to do regular transfers into a previously-existing account, but that never came to pass (changed jobs).

P.S. - There are different types of ATM cards here, in case you didn’t know. Be sure that the one that you apply for with the new account is one that allows you to transfer money to other accounts. That will lessen the hassle of multiple accounts.

universities often require their employees to do this as well. as long as it’s a real bank, should be nothing to worry about. :laughing:

Thanks all!
I feel fine about it now. I just wanted to get the lowdown before I did anything.
Much appreciated.