I want to work and make a living in Taiwan


I am planning to get a Tesol Advance online certification soon and I already hava a bachelors degree in History of Arts. Sadly, i do not have experience in the field. What are my chances of getting hired? Is it possible to take my family with me? I have a 1 and half year old son, a 3 months old baby girl and my husband.


What kind of work experience do you have?


You should be able to find a job that pays around 2,000 USD a month, ten months of the year. That doesn’t sound like a lot but it goes a long way in Taiwan, especially if you get outside of Taipei where the rent is cheap. Your youngest child might not have health insurance (check up on that one) and if your husband wants to teach he will need a 4 year degree, usually.

Finding a teaching job in Taiwan is the easy part of moving here :laughing:


The only experience i have is in customer service (waitres, cashier and “barista”) . @keoni


Good luck with the “make a living part”. Wages here are low. Since you have no skills that Taiwan would want, I doubt you can find a job. Your only route seems to be to start your own business.


It is nice to know that i might get a job “easly”, but how can my family come with me? My children are still babies …will they have problem with the visas?
I have read a lot, but i really can’t get a clear picture. I rather know what to do through the experience of others.
How much a nanny or a daycare would cost?
I truly want to get there before my kids start going to school, because they will adapt better and learn the language way easly. My son already knows English and Spanish.


I have always wanted to have my own coffee shop, but I imagine is not as easy to open a shop in a foreign country and it must be really expensive too.


I missed the part about getting an English cert. Since you have a degree, I guess English teaching is an option as long as you have a passport from an English speaking country.

Though research it , I read so many stories on here about bad English schools.


$2000 probably goes far for singles, but for a family of 4 it’s tough. The average household expenditure in Taiwan per month is around that amount and the average household size is 2.8 or something.


You can sponsor visas for your family, its straightforward enough. For a family of four though you would easily need at least 80,000 nt a month to make ends meet, that’s in new Taipei. Day care is expensive, at least 10,000 a month per kid.


If your husband was working too it would be much more achievable.


10 000 nt a month is not bad. Here in Florida they charge that for only a week plus the personal expenses of your kid.


My husband starts studying to become an electrician in september is a four year thing and he is also CDL driver.
So, i was planning to leave first with the kids, because I highly doubt that he can get a job just being a CDL driver.


That daycare cost is cheap (10,000ntd) although to be fair plenty of daycare places would run to up to twice that figure.

It’s a good income that’s hard to come by.


As you can see from various other threads, the jobs that foreigners are allowed to have in Taiwan (other than permanent residents etc., who can do basically anything) are limited. If you really want to build a new life for your family in Taiwan, he should carefully consider what kind of job to prepare for.


OP, have you actually been to Taiwan? I’m getting the impression that you haven’t.


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