I will ride the East coast/ Jade Mtn / Kenting- U Come too?

Hello there my fellow Formosa Ingles Hombres!

I have the last week of July off! I will ride my bicycle to The East Coat see the gorge and perhaps stop beforehand and hike Jade Mountain.

If you are a bicycle tour lover as well we could go together. I am especially partial to married men or women who would have their spouse in the car riding sag support :laughing: (or any other non-riding friend along for the trip but not the bike ride) However, it currently looks like I will be riding on the lonesome curves thee solo caballero. At any rate if you have some suggestions let me know.

Not to brag boast or say how pro caliber I am (after all I may have ridden with pros before but who is the chubby fellow typing right now whilst the real Lions of the Pave hammer it out in The Tour in the same moment.)

O_o Ok let’s keep it on the just the facts So:

Start around Chaughua are… go to Jiji then sun moon Lake, maybe stop there for the night go swimming or… go on and ride all the way to the East Coast… from there I will head South down the Coast Road to Kenting. In Kenting I will stay and hike/swim a bit. From there I will head north up towards Cahunghua or maybe bus it back…

Also I may stop on Jade Mountain and not head straight up to the coast… Not very solid but I will have to check maps I guess :help:

Anyway I go to Sun Moon Lake and back in a day no problem from the general Changhua area so I reckon I’m a gonna cover mayhap 70-120 a day… Not into a whole island ride as I think it would have some urban and boring scenery especially in the North parts…

I can not carry the bike on the train but bussing the bike is no problem so I can at any point puss it on back with my tail between the seats of the tour bus :smiley:

I leave Friday I will go from Chunghua area to the East coast then down to Kenting… I may be lazy and take a bus back from Kenting Ha Ha… too late to go with me … tragic I know- but if you happen to vacation simultaneously and maybe if you have a tour bus driver that goes way wide on the curves we can hit each other somewhere on a precarious East Coast road.

The trip ended in a crash… no no not in the movie- in fact I had my camera put away when a guy forced me into the side of his car… anyway I blame everyone on this forum and ummm also I blame Canada and ahhh I blame the Devil too. But on my way their days before the crash I did get a lot of pictures and some very poorly acted movies…

Wow now you know why I am not a voice actor:



sorry to hear you had a fight with something metal. never a pretty sight, and there’s generally only one winner.

you sound like the solitude has gotten to you in your tunnel video. I get that too sometimes.

so, did you total your bike too?

Ha Ha, no no I was just having fun in the movie. The bike front wheel and left ergo lever were busted. But the guy who says he was driving in the middle of the road- more like almost all the way out of his lane into mine- has paid me a huge sum of 150 dollars/6000 nt so that goes to pay for a bit of it, Anyway it is pointless for me to put him in court for more since I leave in in about 3 weeks. But I had some nice riding for a while at least.

Seems like you had some great rides, regardless of the crash. Liked your downhill video. Too bad our times didn’t match up. I’m leaving in a week for my yearly ride–flat compared to yours–from Pingtung to Kending and around the horn, then up the coast to Taitung and Hualian, then onward to points yet to be dicided.
Did you mount your camera on your handlebar? I’m thinking of doing the same.

no bike mount for me- but sounds like a plan- I saw a guy with that setup touring acroos the US. Sounds like a nice flat ride- it is way better as you can stand and hammer for the speed shot- not to mention brake the front and back… in theory I may have found myself in Kenting too but the blood was shed and my bike was broken… tragic… God speed on your trip!

Here’s a little clip of my ride a couple weeks ago just after the typhoon. It’s a bit shaky. I should make a bike mount for the camera, or Velcro it to my face like Mordeth. :slight_smile: Enjoy.